How To install softwares in linux easily?

So you have taken the challenge and installed linux. But, dude, how will you install required softwares? Apache web server. mysql, php & its modules. It will start a headache.

This tutorial helps you to install nearly all software, easily. ( See the word easily appeared easily.)

This tutorial assumes  that internet is working.

Step 1: Check Internet

ping    ( Everyone use for internet checking for some strange reason)

Step 2: Enable EPEL repository

run this command:

for redhat/centos 5

# rpm -Uvh

for redhat/centos 6

# rpm -Uvh

(these commands are taken from this link:

So now what? Everything is already done.

Install Apache: # yum install httpd

Install mysql:  # yum install mysql

Install PHP:   # yum install php

(If you want all packages of php including modules You can use # yum install php*. For checking what modules you have install, use # php -m)