Python: Move all files to a single directory without subdirectories

Hi friends,

Below script will move all files in a folder, without subdirectory. Means if you have structure like this :

Then all files in folders Program files, 7-Zip, Lang, CCleaner, Common Files, DESIGNER, logishrd, Microsoft shared, DW EQUATION, 1033 will be moved to a single folder. In this destination, there will be only files and no folders. 

Also, if any file with same name exits already, it will rename the new file as filename_1. If filename_1 also exits, it will rename it as filename_2 and so on. Works with python 3.x.


import os
import os.path
import fileinput
import sys
import shutil
#from fnmatch import fnmatch

#root = '/root/mypython/log'

src1 = 'D:\\doc'
des1 = 'E:\\vbox'

def check_file(self, n):
    name = '.'.join(self.split('.')[:-1])
    ext = self.split('.')[-1]
    if n==1:
        temp=name +'_'+ str(n) + '.' + ext
    if os.path.isfile(temp) == True:
        n= n + 1
        temp = check_file(self,n)
    return temp

full_path = []
full_dir = []
for path, subdirs, files in os.walk(src1):
    for name in files:
        filenames = os.path.join(path, name)

for item in full_path:
    f1 = item.split('\\')[-1]
    des4 = des1 + '\\' + f1
    des5 = check_file(des4,1)
    print(item + ' will be copied to ' + des5 )
    shutil.copyfile(item, des5)