Python Script: Delete all images in a folder which contains single color i.e. Complete Black/White...

So you need to delete all images that are of single color,  i.e. Complete Black/White/Any Other Color. Its quite simple in Python:

import Image, os
import os
path = "C:\\Users\\Ajju\\Desktop\\test_images"
for filename in os.listdir(path):
    img = + '\\' + filename)
    clrs = img.getcolors()
    print filename, len(clrs)
    if len(clrs) == 1:
        os.remove(path + '\\' + filename)

Notes :

1. Do not put your script in same folder as images, because it will try to open your script as a image, and throw an error.

2. len(clrs) actually shows how many colors are present in an image. If its 1, means image is of one color.